Steve working in the studio.
Photo by Cathy Pyle.

Future Utility
Modern Ceramic is the studio of Steve Cook. The work is a reinvention and reinterpretation of studio ceramics in approach, choice of materials, and output.

Obsessions with sci-fi, typography, science, minimalism, brutalism, Japanese ceramics, Nordic design and Lego, lead to objects anchored in ceramics but paired with unexpected materials and technology — to create new energy at the interfaces.

Timeless by nature, the work seeks to find a quiet harmony through ancient craft and progressive form.

As a maker, I understand the potential impact of adding more objects to the world. It is easy to justify working with raw materials like clay and wood which are natural and abundant, although there are still responsible decisions to be made on where and how these are sourced. There is naturally less comfort around plastics— even recycled— however the reuse of such materials is about finding a new purpose for otherwise discarded objects, keeping these materials in circulation for as long as possible. Working with a wide gamut of materials is about understanding the impact of those choices— not necessarily making a decision based on a material itself. I believe the biggest responsibility I have is to only make work that I am proud of, is wanted and will last.